Monday, May 30, 2011

A friendship like no other
Was to begin as nothing more
Than two people who didn't fit in
Beyond those walls was more

I remember it like yesterday
I met you thru a friend
And thru the common silliness
I found my bestest friend

We both had friends before
But none quite like this one
Of friendships lost, and lectures tossed
It was to be just us

The time we threw the clay at the wall, or laughed at yellow smell painting some whore
Or when I thought I fell in love, with Seth Cohen, or so I like to think.. 

The time we turned a house around, we stole a phone and ran Shannon down..

I've kept your skin when we burnt to a crisp, I've run people down, and called you a bitch, for casting my arm in red hot wax..

 I've been with you when times were hard, you've been with me through everything, I said I was gay, you said it's okay, you said you had sex, I said close your legs..

I couldn't imagine anyone else, who I can tell everything to..
We've fought at times, probably all my fault, I'm stubborn and you just show no feelings at all, but deep down inside I've seen your true soul, your passionate, caring and loving to all..

Sometimes it scares me that I'll loose you to love, but then I remember that we're thicker than blood xxx

You're my best friend in the whole world girl. You're my past, my present and my future. I love you with all my heart and it would take an eternity to write down all the amazing memories we've had together, but they're there, for keeps.

Ps: I know it's not the best poem, but it's 11.24pm and I just woke up and started writing & writing what was in my head :)

Ily xxx

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