Monday, May 30, 2011

you're so hopeless, but i'm hopeful

Create a storm, i dare you
Is how i'm feeling now
You think that if you push and push
That nobody will fall

I thought i knew you so well,
I never listened to my head
My heart, so full of love i thought
My thoughts were wrong i guess

You promised me so much, and all of it i believed
But now i look back, you were in fact, a thief, my heart you stole

I fell in love with you, i did, i'm willing to admit that
But i've fallen out, and fallen in, and you left a scar, you did

I never hurt you, you're very strong, but you made me think i did
You made it all my fault, you made me feel like shit
I know now that true friends and lovers stay with you til the end
And even when we broke it off i thought we would stay strong

But jealousy prevailed and once again i blamed myself
But now i see, it was all you, you're selfish and don't care
So carry on, this lonely tale, and try your best you will
To get me to come crawling back, into your arms, good luck

I learnt my lesson, I fell for someone who couldn't love me back
Who didn't care the way they said
Who needed more, than i could give
I hope you're happy, i truly do, because I'll always love you
You'll always have a little piece of my heart, because you hurt me so much

She is now my everything, my heart, my soul, my missing piece
And honestly, you never were.
Just a bump in both our paths to true happiness.

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