Thursday, June 13, 2013

click, swipe, tap, scroll...

Click, swipe, tap, scroll
That's all it takes
You stole my soul

A week without you, my lips are dry
I can't resist, but I endeavour to try

It doesn't take much, you sit on my mind
I push you back into the depths, where you're harder to find

I measure our distance, with silent footsteps
Every moment you publish, is a moment I've wept

It cannot be wrong, a feeling so right
But the longer you struggle, the harder I fight

So I click on your photo, and I sit back and stare
For I once loved you, more than I can bare...

Buried in my memories

Love doesn't just stop... It lingers, flutters, festers and hides away... The moment you think it's forgotten It creeps up and steals your breath Your heart beats and you crumble Just like you did before...

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Do you believe in fate?
In soul mates?
In love?

We're made to believe in the fairytale.
Girl meets boy. They fall madly in love
& live happily ever after.
If only things were so simple.

What about girl meets girl?
Girl falls in and out of love. Girls heart breaks.
Girl falls back in love. Girls heart breaks.
What about soul mates?
What about the butterflies?
What about the spark?
What if you find it & then it dies? Does that mean the love is no good.
So many questions.
The honeymoon is over. The fighting begins.
Make up sex. Break up sex. & the tears.
Do you love someone for their flaws?
Is there only one person for everyone?

What is fate?

Do you ever stop falling...

Monday, January 30, 2012


she lies open and untouched
a gentle breeze won't move her, she is still
she is relentless, and violent
and manic at times

but you can't speak of her, to her, around her
she hears it all, and she snaps
like a branch in a heavy breeze
crashes and falls and almost hits you on the way down

i struggle to accept, your flaws, your insecurities
they eat you alive, and i'm feeding off their hunger, their pain
fuck you passion, fuck you

i lie awake and think about all the things i've done for you
without a sigh, without a whisper, without a thought
do this for me, do this for us

vent, i'm closing you, i'm cold.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

my heart's a mess

sometimes a song says more than i can say ... thanks to the script, whitley and coldplay for knowing exactly what's in my head...

sometimes we don't learn from our mistakes
and sometimes we've no choice but to walk away
try to break my heart? well it's broke...

the cure for a heart is to move along? so move along...

she whispers she can see the past
and she saw us, and you, and them...
and it's hard, to move along, when i'm still in love with you
she waits, patiently, for her to fall deeper, faster, stronger... but will she?

and the thoughts eat her up inside... every song, a memory of what she had before...
do you wake up, missing me?

she's scattered, her thoughts a mess, her heart broken
i did not mind, i was taken by you... we felt something
lately i've been feeling like... this could last forever...
you held my hand, you said you loved me

i'll promise you this... i'll always look out for you

Friday, January 06, 2012


Roses are red
And violets blue
You've heard it before
But this time it's new
A bittersweet tale
A love without end
Of hopeless regret 
Of tragedies end

The one that got away
Swept up in the breeze
Her hand holding mine
Is a longing to be...
I'll tell you the story
But I can't promise you much
My love for a girl
I once loved so much...

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Parked next to the memories we made
I fight the heat, the burning and the pain
Where you captured my heart, my soul
And where the best memories are buried under someone elses soil

I fought for you, I fought for us
I loved you more, than lovers must

And in the end, my bleeding heart
Lay on the concrete, lay in the dust

Monday, May 30, 2011

A friendship like no other
Was to begin as nothing more
Than two people who didn't fit in
Beyond those walls was more

I remember it like yesterday
I met you thru a friend
And thru the common silliness
I found my bestest friend

We both had friends before
But none quite like this one
Of friendships lost, and lectures tossed
It was to be just us

The time we threw the clay at the wall, or laughed at yellow smell painting some whore
Or when I thought I fell in love, with Seth Cohen, or so I like to think.. 

The time we turned a house around, we stole a phone and ran Shannon down..

I've kept your skin when we burnt to a crisp, I've run people down, and called you a bitch, for casting my arm in red hot wax..

 I've been with you when times were hard, you've been with me through everything, I said I was gay, you said it's okay, you said you had sex, I said close your legs..

I couldn't imagine anyone else, who I can tell everything to..
We've fought at times, probably all my fault, I'm stubborn and you just show no feelings at all, but deep down inside I've seen your true soul, your passionate, caring and loving to all..

Sometimes it scares me that I'll loose you to love, but then I remember that we're thicker than blood xxx

You're my best friend in the whole world girl. You're my past, my present and my future. I love you with all my heart and it would take an eternity to write down all the amazing memories we've had together, but they're there, for keeps.

Ps: I know it's not the best poem, but it's 11.24pm and I just woke up and started writing & writing what was in my head :)

Ily xxx

you're so hopeless, but i'm hopeful

Create a storm, i dare you
Is how i'm feeling now
You think that if you push and push
That nobody will fall

I thought i knew you so well,
I never listened to my head
My heart, so full of love i thought
My thoughts were wrong i guess

You promised me so much, and all of it i believed
But now i look back, you were in fact, a thief, my heart you stole

I fell in love with you, i did, i'm willing to admit that
But i've fallen out, and fallen in, and you left a scar, you did

I never hurt you, you're very strong, but you made me think i did
You made it all my fault, you made me feel like shit
I know now that true friends and lovers stay with you til the end
And even when we broke it off i thought we would stay strong

But jealousy prevailed and once again i blamed myself
But now i see, it was all you, you're selfish and don't care
So carry on, this lonely tale, and try your best you will
To get me to come crawling back, into your arms, good luck

I learnt my lesson, I fell for someone who couldn't love me back
Who didn't care the way they said
Who needed more, than i could give
I hope you're happy, i truly do, because I'll always love you
You'll always have a little piece of my heart, because you hurt me so much

She is now my everything, my heart, my soul, my missing piece
And honestly, you never were.
Just a bump in both our paths to true happiness.